Thursday, 5 August 2010

What larks! Five days on the road and one rest day. 266 miles under the belt. Allow me to fill in the gaps. Day one was easy rolling through the Romney and Walland marshes. A detour to Snargate and to the Red Lion which is possibly the best pub in the whole wide world! Family run since 1911 and very little has changed. Never a bad drop to be had and no food. Hurrah. I was joined by three eager cycling chums, two on Carlton's and one on a Raleigh Micron 5 and goodness me he did very well indeed! From Rye Harbour I was joined by an old chum who cycles to London often which suited me as I never had. So I was dutifully following a true master on a fixed gear. Enormous respect. We stopped at a garage for fluid and chocolate and the Sri Lankan gentleman behind the counter rather jovially informed that me that men with moustache's like mine used to run his country. The hills out of Sevenoaks were a stark reminder of what's to come... London was it's usual aggressive self and I was glad to get off it's shocking roads. A night stop in Acton with an art college chum and his splendid family. Day three saw me head to Paddington to the start of the Grand Union Canal. I was hoping for many miles smooth rolling towpaths and I was very wrong. The Paris-Roubaix springs to mind and on a fully laden tourer a parody of the Easter classic really is the last thing you're after. 15 did roll smoothly then a buckled back wheel. Not to worry, long rear dropouts are designed to accommodate a little wobble... Relentless towpath antics took it's toll before the bicycle shop loomed near. Over a bridge to turn back onto the canal and I was forcefully dumped into the hedge. Rear wheel buggered.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Welcome one and all...

Salutations and a splendid hello to you dear blogger, this sort of caper is not really native to my going about things but I shall endeavour to keep a fresh and forthright stream of badinage for all who join.
As many of you may know I leave for the Outer Hebrides in less than one month!
Until the 31st of July this page will possibly be a trifle leaden but once on the rolling roads I shall jot down the days events and the general meandering of a fully laden tourer. As I shall be ploughing through many counties I shall also be offering a 'Ale of the Day' section, so any local knowledge and tip off are more than very welcome...
In the meantime please view an artists impression of the route. My very best, Kelvin x